The Eleventh Annual General Meeting of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust (GWRT) was held on Thursday 18th June 2020 at 10:26 via Zoom.


All votes were received by post or email before the meeting.


11.01   In attendance: Glyn Cornish, Maurice Hall, David Staniforth, Richard Summers, Philip Young, Roger Bush, Henry Howard, Richard Scott, Rosemary Phillips, Rob Davidson and Maxine Barton-Hawkins.


11.02   Proxy slips were received from 265 members: a full list is available on request to the company secretary.  


11.03   Chairman’s Report and Financial Statements

The Chairman’s Report was circulated before the meeting. The Chairman (Glyn Cornish) offered a vote of thanks to MBH for her hard work and support to the Chairman over the past year, also to David Staniforth, who is retiring as director at this meeting, for all his efforts over the years and his contributions to the Board meetings, he will be missed. The Chairman then asked if any questions had been received with the voting forms; none were received. 


The reports and accounts were put forward for adoption and carried;


Proposer:         Roger Bush    

            Seconded:       Rosemary Phillips

Yes:                 257

No:                  0

            Abstentions:    0



11.04   The Election of Directors

            The Chairman handed the meeting to the Vice Chairman, Roger Bush.

Three Directors retired in accordance with Article 30; Glyn Cornish and Rosemary Phillips and David Staniforth.  David Staniforth retired from the board but the other two being eligible, offered themselves for re-election. Both were taken on block and were duly elected.


Proposer:         Maurice Hall

            Seconded:       Philip Young

            Glyn Cornish                                                   Rosemary Phillips

Yes:                 256                                          Yes                  257

            No:                  0                                              No                   0

            Abstentions:    1                                              Abstentions     0

Rob Davidson, being eligible in accordance with Article 31 offered himself for election as per the Articles of Association and was duly elected.

Proposer:         Henry Howard

            Seconded:       David Staniforth

            Yes:                 256

            No:                  0

            Abstentions:    0


Roger Bush, Vice chairman then handed the meeting back to Glyn Cornish, Chairman.  Glyn Cornish welcomed Rob Davidson to the board.


11.05   Appointment of Accountants          

It was proposed and accepted that Ormerod Rutter Limited should be re-appointed as the GWRT Auditors and Accountants.


Proposer:         Richard Summers

            Seconded:       Richard Scott

            Yes:                 255

            No:                  2

            Abstentions:    0



10.09   Any Other Business


There being no other business to be transacted the meeting was closed by the Chairman at 10:33


Advance note: The Twelfth GWRT AGM will be held on Thursday 17th June 2021