Broadway Area Group – Volunteering at Broadway Station Site

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The Broadway Area Group of Volunteers (BAG) has been set up specifically to assist in the rebuilding of Broadway Station and its related services. As such potential volunteers are expected to participate in a variety of renovation and refurbishment tasks, ranging from construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, landscaping and general labouring. Regular working days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, and occasionally work is carried out on other days as required.


To complement the above some project management skills are desirable to assist the members of the BAG Committee in keeping the overall Project on course.


In areas of the station where building work is still being undertaken, BAG policy is that working volunteers are required to wear a hard hat, hi-vis jacket and safety boots when working on the site.


On completion of the project, individuals may drop back into a maintenance and support role at Broadway, or move into a particular GWSR Department, or move on to another major project.


General Duties

  • Construction - bricklaying, mortar mixing, carpentry,  plumbing, electrical installation
  • Labouring - drain cleaning, brick cleaning, general brick and spoil handling
  • Landscaping - embankment clearance, fencing, gardening and maintenance
  • Project Management -   assistance with cost and time management, supervision of contractors
  • Plant & equipment - operation & maintenance of dumpers, excavators, power rollers, cement mixers, brush cutters, chain saws etc.


If you are trained to use this equipment and have, where necessary, the appropriate competency certificates we would be particularly pleased to hear from you.


Specific Responsibilities

 As determined by the Broadway Area Group Committee - based on the experience, knowledge and aspirations of the individual volunteer. There may be opportunities for training in the operation of plant, subject to the requirements of the project.


Other Information

All Volunteers must be team players with the desire to contribute to the overall success of the Project.



We are currently looking for new volunteers.  Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.


April 2020