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Gone are the days when the railway was just for enthusiasts. Of course enthusiasts play an enormous part in our development, but nowadays we are competing with other major tourist attractions in the Cotswolds, and we need to appeal to families and tourists in the region no matter what their age 


To all our potential visitors we need to emphasise:

  • the heritage nature of our line,
  • the fact that we run through 15 miles of the Cotswolds, giving visitors an unrivalled view of the countryside,
  • the educational value of our line,
  • that we give a great value full-day out.


The people who come to our railway are not "passengers" they are visitors. Everything we do must be of the best quality and value.


General Duties

  • Volunteering with this department is all about getting the maximum number of visitors to the Railway and, when they are here, ensuring they enjoy their visit and come again. Typical of what we deal with are:
  • Timetable (and other flyers) design and distribution
  • Planning the annual timetable/programme
  • Ensuring all documentation on websites and in magazines/newspapers is correct
  • Ensuring we have a wide spread of special events to attract people of all ages and interests
  • Overseeing all special events and working with the organisers to ensure they are correctly marketed
  • Planning all marketing and advertising for the railway
  • Developing new ideas to attract potential visitors
  • Working with external organisations to develop the railway
  • Reviewing visitor comments/criticisms both in house and also on websites
  • Developing our relationship with groups, tour operators, schools etc.
  • To use all opportunities to "market" the railway to outside bodies - speaking at meetings, conferences etc


Specific Responsibilities

These follow on from all the above with volunteers taking responsibility for specific aspects of the work. Much of the work is done from home so access to the internet for e-mails etc. is essential.


Other Information

To work well in this department, it is ideal for each member to also work in another part of the railway - preferably an area that is visitor facing. 


The work isn't "fixed" as to time commitment other than specific annual tasks - jobs and opportunities come up on an irregular basis and must be dealt with as they arise.


There is no formal structure to the department although each member does take on specific roles. Members meet once every 6 weeks for a couple of hours to review progress and instigate new work. Almost all other correspondence is dealt with by e mail with just the occasional phone call or meeting at Toddington.


No prior training is required - all we look for are volunteers to want to give visitors a great day out.



This department are looking for volunteers to help with leaflet distribution but as this activity is looked on as an adjunct to other volunteering why not join Retail or our Special Events Teams?  Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.


April 2020