Cheltenham Area Group

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cheltenham volunteersThis Department is looking for volunteers with building trade skills, including painters and gardeners. The purpose of the group is to maintain the Cheltenham Race Course Station environs and, where the technical capability exists, assist other departments of the railway in the installation, maintenance and enhancement of specific operational support facilities such as lighting, telephone communications and security systems.


Members of the CAG support the GWR in many operational roles (Station Masters, Porters, TTIs etc.) and non-operational roles (Cheltenham GWR Shop, etc.), these duties will be covered by the web pages for these departments.

When available the Group also provides resources to assist other aspects of the operation of the railway during special events at Cheltenham Racecourse Station (car parking, crossing monitors, etc.).


General Duties

  • Maintaining customer facing infrastructure (excluding toilet cleaning which is contracted out)
  • Cleaning customer facing infrastructure
  • Maintaining garden beds and grassed areas
  • Maintaining and enhancing the station security systems.
  • Maintaining tidy boundaries between the GWR and Cheltenham racecourse property.
  • Running meetings to support fund raising and provide a means of connecting the GWR with the local community thus raising its public profile and reducing the need for GWSR PLc funding.
  • Ensuring rubbish and unwanted resources are disposed of from the station environs.
  • Specific Responsibilities
  • Customer facing infrastructure duties include:
  • Maintaining and painting fencing
  • Maintaining lighting and lighting control circuits
  • Installing and maintaining communications systems
  • Keeping paths and platform 1 clear of pine needles, weeds and fallen debris.
  • Maintaining and painting the interior of the ticket office and platform 1 building.
  • Cleaning (where possible) customer facing infrastructure:
  • Windows and bright paintwork on the upper level ticket office and the platform 1 building. (Repainting of these buildings in the future will require assistance from Buildings and Services Dept)
  • Cleaning and or/drying station bench seats


Maintaining tidy boundaries between the GWR and Cheltenham racecourse property involving:

  • Regular clearance of litter and rubbish from boundary fencing and from grassed areas in front of the station.
  • Repairing boundary fencing where and when this becomes damaged.


Removal and disposal of rubbish and unwanted resources involving:

  • Disposal and removal from site of all items during the non-running and running seasons.
  • Assistance to station rostered staff with disposal of items during the running season.


Other Information:

A list of outstanding station estate tasks is maintained on the whiteboard in the Ticket Office workers' room.


Volunteers normally meet on Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons. However, as most of the tasks are outdoors, on very wet days external work may have to be limited or suspended.


Every volunteer is required to provide his/her own Personal Safety Equipment (PSE). For most tasks this includes safety footwear, work gloves and High Visibility tabard or overcoat. For some tasks goggles and or safety helmets and ear defenders may be required. These are provided by the Group.


DIY tea and coffee is provided free to volunteers.

Membership of the Cheltenham Area Group is open to any current member of the GWR Trust. There are NO additional fees.



This Department is looking for painters and gardeners capable of working on the embankment. Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.


December 2020