Lineside Drainage Management Team

article by: SJO 


lineside drainage

The Lineside Drainage Team is a small group of volunteers who look after all the track drainage and culverts. Our Railway acts as a giant barrier preventing the rainfall on the Cotswold Hills getting to the Rivers Avon and Severn, so this drainage work is of vital importance to ensure the stability of our trackbed and prevent landslips. The work varies throughout the year and incudes things like; building work, vegetation clearance, pipe laying, ditch clearing, CCTV surveys. It can be as strenuous as you want it to be and currently takes place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, however, this sometimes changes to meet volunteer availability and task requirements.


All volunteers need to complete Personal Track Safety training and need to understand the Health & Safety regime that we work under. Training will be provided on the use of equipment, however, experience with basic construction techniques would be advantageous. As you might expect, the work is almost entirely outdoors and in all but the worst of weather so protective footwear and clothing are essential. When at the trackside you will need to wear (orange) High Visibility Clothing. Working on remote stretches of the line can mean that facilities are often non-existent. 




We are currently recruiting for this Team.   Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.



January 2019