Lineside Drainage Management Team

article by: SJO 


lineside drainageThe Lineside Drainage Management Team is a group of volunteers who like to get out into the far quiet reaches or our railway and look after our lineside drainage. This is vitally important work to ensure the stability of our trackbed and prevent landslips. The work can be as strenuous as you want it to be and takes place mostly on Saturdays, but midweek work does go on. Because you can be 'in the middle of nowhere' facilities are often non-existent.




There are currently no vacancies for this role. Why not join either our Retail Team or our Special Events Team instead? At your volunteer Induction you will be told how you can join another Department or transfer between our Departments (subject to vacancies and suitability).  Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.



February 2018