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booking office staffThe Booking Office Clerk (BOC) is normally the first member of the Station Staff to meet and greet our visitors, giving them a friendly welcome.  Obviously, this position is very important in that the first impressions of the railway come from contact with its staff.  If you are numerate, of a calm nature, enjoy meeting and dealing with the public, then this could be a position for you. It is varied and interesting and opportunities are given to work at any of our stations - Toddington, Winchcombe or Cheltenham Race Course. There is no requirement to train at all three stations but doing so gives you more variety and our Roster Clerk more flexibility.


Toddington is the busiest station with 60% of tickets sold there, 35% at Cheltenham and 5% at Winchcombe.  Your first task is to ascertain visitors' travel intentions, the number and ages in their party and sell them the appropriate ticket(s) for their intended journey, making them aware of any specific travel opportunities or restrictions that accompany their tickets.  In association with this you check and maintain the ticket and cash racks, handle cash and credit/debit card readers, cash up and record tickets sold at the end of the day and, most importantly, follow any security arrangements in respect of cash.


BOC volunteers work as part of small teams so we expect them to act responsibly and use their initiative where necessary. Training is given where new volunteers are teamed with experienced staff until they are fully conversant with the procedures. This is a rostered position based on the individual's availability and, having given a commitment, it is important to fulfil all duties as rostered. The duty commences an hour before the departure of the first from Toddington, and finishes when the Station Master has finished his/her duties at the end of the day.  On special event days additional staff will be rostered to spread the workload. On these days you may be required to work in a temporary location provided for the purpose.


As BOCs are very visible to visitors there is a dress code which consists of a black jacket/ sweater, black trousers/skirt, white shirt/blouse and blue GWR tie, if wearing a shirt. No specific fitness levels are required and for a considerable amount of time you will be seated.


Basic numeracy will be required, but most important is a friendly manner, enthusiasm and a willingness to help.  A cheerful disposition and a sense of humour are also useful!


Qualified BOCs are only rostered at Stations where training has already been given.


Station Staff volunteers are friendly, caring people, who will welcome you into their team.


After serving as a Booking Office Clerk there is an opportunity to progress to the role of Station Master. This depends on the number of BOC duties already performed and the suitability of the volunteer.



There are currently no vacancies for this role. Why not join either our Retail Team or our Special Events Team instead? At your volunteer Induction you will be told how you can join another Department or transfer between our Departments (subject to vacancies and suitability).  Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.


February 2018