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Current appeals

The GWRT is running an appeal to raise £1.5 million to save Stanway Viaduct following decades of water ingress.

Check out the Appeal webpage for information on the viaduct and how to donate.

For general information on how to donate to the GWRT, head to our Donations page.

Previous Appeals

From time to time, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Trust has launched appeals to raise money for exceptional work required to keep the GWSR operational as the Living Museum the GWRT supports. Since 2020 the GWRT has run two such appeals.

You can also check out our other major projects here.

Bridge 8 Appeal

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) was required to take on responsibility for the 46 bridges and 51 culverts that cross the railway as a condition of purchasing the line 40 years ago.

Unfortunately, the waterproof decking had previously been damaged, allowing water to seep through. Gradually, this had corroded the structural steelwork beneath the road surface.  

Although repairs were carried out some years ago, examination of the bridge in 2017 /18 showed that corrosion had continued.  Remedial works had been undertaken to dry the structure, but it was determined the bridge needed more extensive repair.

In November 2021, the GWRT launched an appeal to fund the repair, ahead of the winter maintenance period in January and February 2022, which was identified as the only available time for the work to be completed.

The money was raised in little over 2 months, thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters for which GWRT and GWSR were very appreciative. The initial target amount was exceeded, and it was agreed with donors that those funds could be used on the nearby Bridge 10, also in need of repair, thereby completing two sets of crucial work at the same time.

Gotherington Landslip Appeal

In 2019, a dry summer followed by persistent rain in autumn led to a landslip occurring half a mile south of Gotherington station, potentially cutting off the south end of the GWSR.

Remedial work began in early 2020, and, following the Covid-19 lockdown, the GWRT launched an appeal in March 2020 to support the PLC with the ongoing costs.

It had been determined that the work was essential, and was allowed to continue, as the embankment was still moving and would lead to additional costs if work was stopped.

£250,000 was raised by the public in just over 2 months, and the work was completed in time for the official restart in August 2020, allowing the GWSR PLC to run its first post-lockdown services with no issue. If you travel on the GWSR, the work completed is still visible, just south of Gotherington on the Malvern side.

Thank You

The GWSR and GWRT extends its sincerest thanks to all who have donated throughout the years. It is these donations that keep the GWSR running and providing a fantastic attraction in the heart of the Cotswolds.