Diesel Department

The Diesel Department is the umbrella organisation for several owning groups, who undertake restoration, maintenance and operation of the locomotives based on the GWR.


diesel loco

As a volunteer you can be involved in anything from the restoration or major overhaul of locomotives to the regular (but necessary) preparation of a locomotive for traffic and its disposal at the end of the day. If you want to become involved in operations, you can receive training that may eventually lead to your driving our traction. Technical skills are desirable but not necessary to become a volunteer as much of our work is 'hands on' and you will be given instruction on the projects that you choose to work on. You must be a member of the GWRT to become a volunteer and you will probably want to become a member of one of the owning groups listed below.


Any voluntary time contribution to the Diesel Department is welcomed, however a significant time contribution is required in order to progress toward or to remain in an operational role.

To be considered for training in an operational role, you will typically have been volunteering in the diesel locomotive department for a minimum of one year since the completion of your Volunteer Induction and have demonstrated flexibility and commitment to the Department and the GWSR.

This commitment to the department is required because any training will be provided by other volunteers and it is important that their time and efforts are met with commitment from those they have helped.


The Growler Group: operating No 37215 and D6948

The Brush Type 4 Fund: operating No 47376 and overhauling No 47105

The Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group: operating Nos 45149 and D5343

Cotswold Diesel Railcar: operating Class 117, overhauling 122 unit and restoring other vehicles

Private owners: operating Nos D8137, E6036 and overhauling 24081


Vacancies in this Department are sometimes limited, with committed people welcome, especially anyone who has relevant railway experience, or proven machinery and engineering skills.

The Cotswold Diesel Railcar Group has vacancies for volunteers with diesel engine experience to help with ongoing maintenance.