Meet & Greet

You will be required to meet the party on arrival, tell them something about the railway and its history and ensure that our visitors know where all of our facilities are located, not only at the departure station but also at the arrival station.

You may also want to include some information about the locomotives in use and where best to see and photograph it.

There is a 'script' that is useful as a starting point, however each member of the team has developed their own particular style - all of which are usually very effective.

You will then travel with them throughout their journey to ensure that their visit to our Railway goes smoothly.

As a Meet and Greeter should expect to arrive at the departure station at least 30 minutes before the train on which your party is booked is due to depart.   This allows time to meet the party and let them know what to expect during their visit.

Early arrival also provides time for you to find out that the party leader/coach driver has the appropriate paperwork and direct them as to what to do if they don't!

During the journey, you may well give details of the railway and places of interest as you go. Some parties like to have this information while others like to be left to enjoy the ride!

At the end of the journey, ensure all personal effects are collected and see everyone back to their coach and wave goodbye.

The Meet & Greeter should be smartly dressed at all times, and we encourage White Shirts/Tops with Black or Charcoal Trousers/Skirt.   Pullovers/Jumpers and Coats as the weather dictates.   GWR Railway Ties are also encouraged with the provided GWR Name Tags (essential).

There are no specific skills that are required other than the ability to talk to people, either singly or as a group, and be keen and enthusiastic to share our passion for the railway with the visitors. So enthusiasm is the key skill.

Volunteers will not be dropped straight in at the deep end, they will have an initial assessment, plus a couple of accompanied turns before flying solo.

There is no minimum or maximum number of turns per month, however it is rare for a volunteer to be asked to undertake more than one turn per working day. So each turn will take about 2 hours from arrival to leaving again.


Currently, Meet and Greet does not have any vacancies.  However, the situation is always changing, so anyone wishing to join the Team should still apply and, if accepted, will be put on a waiting list.  Please see here to learn how to become a volunteer.